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Good Vibes From Here on Out
Age 42 From Jacksonville, Florida - Online - Over 2 weeks ago
Woman Seeking A Woman

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I am pretty easy going. I am an old soul and at peace with myself and who I am. I am disabled but it is but an opportunity to change paths yet again. I am veey caring, affectionate and empathetic. I have only a few friends because I believe in quality over quantity. If I could have wished for any disease to hit the world in 2020 it would have been one of kindness instead of corona ehat a better world we would live in today. I have given all I have to the wrong people I would love to see how much more I can do for the right one. One thing you will never see me do is quit!

I am seeking a best friend with great vibes. Someone who when I am down they are up and vice versa. The yin to my yang and yang to my yin. I am an old soul who believes in trust, honesty, and that good relationships are built from two people that for some reason just fit in the beginning and decide that they never want that feeling to end. They work dilgently to make sure they remain each others best friends and that the amazing chemistry they felt is never shared with another nor lost over time.

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5' 3 (1.6 m)
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